SEO Best Practices 2023

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of your business.

SEO Best Practices 2023

With 93% of online traffic coming from search queries, it is vital to take advantage of the latest techniques to maximize your website’s online presence.

Failing to do so means missing out on a great business opportunity.

And (!!) it means not meeting the expectations of your clients, which is not an option in a world where competition is fierce.

Search Engine Optimization is an Extension of Advertising

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a form of advertising that involves optimizing web pages for search engines.

It includes on-page and off-page techniques.

On-Page Techniques

This includes optimizing the content on your web pages.

  • Relevant titles
  • Relevant descriptions
  • Relevant meta data
  • Relevant headings
  • Relevant media (images, videos, infographics)
  • Optimized URL-s
  • Site architecture
  • Keywords on your pages

And it goes along with careful design, like this: 

Website SEO

To determine whether a searcher’s query is pertinent to your site, search engines assess your website and the information that is linked to it with the aid of on-page SEO.

In order to better comprehend a searcher’s purpose and provide search results that are appropriate for that user, Google is continually tweaking its algorithm.

Off-Page Techniques:

These techniques include, most importantly, link building, which is external linking located on another website that will help increase your website’s visibility and reach. It’s also helpful if your site has a good social media presence and is mentioned frequently in social media.

Google reportedly considers off-page SEO techniques to be essential to its ranking process.

In practice, what’s getting you most results is building links from authoritative websites. This will help Google determine whether your site has the authority and expertise to rank well.


Google SEO

Without incoming links, your website will fall lower in search results.

Another important aspect of off-page SEO is the importance of having quality content.

If your website has rich content, but no relevant backlinks, your efforts will be wasted. Similarly, if your content is not unique or of high quality, it will not be effective. Search engines are highly sensitive to uniqueness and quality.

In addition to links, off-page SEO techniques also help build brand authority and reputation. To succeed, you need to be seen and heard.

Know your target audience and what they need. Nobody wants more of the same thing. So, it’s crucial to know your audience so you can meet their needs and provide them with a better and unique experience.

SEO in Year 2023

SEO in Year 2023 will focus on improving the user experience on websites.

Many algorithms look at UX factors such as how easy it is to navigate, how well the site loads, how high quality the pictures are, and how long a page is.

If you want to rank high, you must provide an exceptional browsing experience for your visitors.

If you’re a small business, SEO in 2023 can take up to five years to achieve.

The search market is huge – 35% of all searches start on a search engine.

In the US alone, more than 80 billion dollars is spent on SEO services each year.

However, even with these huge figures, small businesses aren’t as enthusiastic about the idea. Rather than focusing on SEO alone, they need to make sure they have marketing and web development professionals working in concert.

The best SEO strategy focuses on creating the highest-quality content and serving it on a perfect site. Content creation is essential in the search process, and it must be optimized for mobile.

A website’s speed must also be optimal. If it takes more than a second, in 2023, for a page to load, more than 53% of users will abandon it.

Google’s algorithm has become increasingly sophisticated.

An update released some time ago in 2019, called BERT, allows the search engine to understand language better than humans do. This means that keyword stuffing is no longer a viable strategy, not even for a short run. 

How to Explain SEO in Year 2023 to Your Kids

Start by explaining the basics.

Giving them a basic understanding of SEO can spark their interest in the topic and encourage them to learn more.

SEO is a simple subject, and kids can get a lot out of it with the right training.

kids SEO

The first step is to show them how backlinks work.

Every website relies on backlinks, and it is vital to teach your kids how to build them. To do this, you can teach them how to write content that will earn them links from other websites.

It will also help if you teach them how to choose a good domain name for their site, the basic elements of a good website, and invest $10 to let them play with experience (and patience!!).

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